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Mold Release Agents

Frekote® Mold Release Solutions Guide

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Henkel has developed Frekote® mold release agents for virtually all types of composite and rubber molding operations. The Frekote® line offers the broadest product range
in the industry. From jumbo jets to tennis racquets, truck tires to o-rings, from custom yachts to bathtubs, we have the release agent you need for most composite and rubber materials.
(LT-4831, 3/13)

Frekote® Mold Releases

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Frekote® product line contains various cleaners and mold release agents for all types of applications.

(LT-4818, 8/07)

Frekote® WOLO-HL™

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Frekote WOLO-HL mold release is a proprietary, solvent-based product developed for releasing low VOC polyester gelcoat and other tough releasing polyester structures. This system can be applied at room temperature and cured at ambient shop temperatures within 30 minutes. This product also offers a reduction in mold release VOCs by 72%.

(LT-4932, 10/07)

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