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Elastomeric Adhesives and Sealants

(1.1 MB)

Elastomeric adhesives and sealants are the newest Loctite® product line.

(LT-6556, 10/13)

The Adhesive Sourcebook 2017 Volume 20

(7,1 MB)
Your source for LOCTITE products for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.
(LT-3355, 1/17)

Bonding Design Guides

Structural Adhesives and NVH Selector Guide

(1.4 MB)

Structural adhesives designed to provide superior bond strength, long life and dependability on a variety of substrates and applications.

(LT - 4809, 9/13)


The LOCTITE Equipment Sourcebook

(5.3 MB)
This resource guide features the latest innovative LOCTITE brand equipment dispensing and curing solutions. From simple hand held devices to fully automated robotic systems, Henkel offers a complete line of standard off-the-shelf dispensing and light curing equipment which can easily be integrated to your manufacturing process.
(LT-3669, 7/14)


The LOCTITE Equipment Sourcebook e-Catalog

Truck & Trailer

Panel Repair Procedure for Cargo Trailers  Assembled with TEROSON MS 9399

(1.09 MB)
For over a decade, specialty vehicle manufacturers such as trailer and bus manufacturers have been using TEROSON MS 9399, a silane modified polymer based adhesive, to bond panels of various composition to steel and aluminum framing members.
(LT-15025, 6/16)

Cargo Trailer Panel Bonding Procedure with TEROSON MS 9399 - Instructions

(2.59 MB)
(LT-8219, 7/16)

Cargo Trailer Panel Bonding Procedure with TEROSON MS 9399

(0.36 MB)
TEROSON MS 9399 offers such features as a water tight seal, repositionability of panels during assembly, high green strength, flexibility of the cured joint, and cosmetic attractiveness.  Traditional mechanical fastening of the panel assemblies can be laborious and unappealing cosmetically with the potential of having water leaks in the future.
(15025, 6/16)

TEROSON® MS 930 & MS 939 SMP Adhesives

(3.2 MB)
TEROSON® MS 930™ and MS 939™ Silane Modified Polymers (SMPs) are designed for elastic seam and joint sealing and bonding and coating of most metals and plastics. For difficult-to-bond substances, Henkel offers a line of primers and activations.
(LT-6790, 10/13)

Loctite® UK-1666 B10

(398 KB)

A highly flexible structural bonder that has good adhesion to a variety of metals and plastics and exhibits excellent moisture resistance and impact resistance.

(LT-6581, 9/12)

Loctite® Applications at Work

(309 KB)

Loctite applications that make your vehicle stronger, lighter and faster. 

(LT-5882, 2/12)

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