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Chemical Management

Aerospace Rebuild Operation

This program, launched in 2008, was awarded to Henkel after two unsuccessful competitors struggled with system customization and SOW requirements.

Aerospace Component Operation

This program, launched in mid-year 2011, involves a customer that struggled with manual labor processes, point of use nonconformities, and packaging inefficiencies.

Automotive Metalworking Fluids Consolidation

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Case Study - 9730

Automotive Transmission Final

Assembly Washer Conversion
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Case Study - 6704

HVAC/Applicance Operation

Henkel Chemical Management (HCM) successfully surveyed, set-up and implemented this chemical management program in 1996. Over the next few years HCM savings averaged  approximately $100,000 per year or approximately 12% of the total chemical expenditure.
-Mark Benton, Henkel Corporation

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