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When Reliability is a Must, Loctite® is the Answer

Henkel adhesives help keep the lights on, under the most challenging of conditions.

Strong Flexible Bonds Achieved

Various Loctite® Adhesives hold Flex-Foot prosthetics together.

Black Max® Toughened Instant Adhesive Aids Honing Stone Assembly

Black Max® Instant Adhesive reduces all labor related to epoxy mixing operations and removes inventory because of its rapid cure.

Plastic Door Jamb Floor Markings Bonded With Black Max® Instant Adhesive

Black Max® Instant Adhesive makes a cleaner looking sign.

Medical Blood Filters Securely Bonded With Loctite® Instant Adhesive

Loctite® Medical Adhesive 4014™ eliminates rejections by making a strong enough joint.

New Loctite® Instant Adhesives Break Thermal Performance Barrier

Loctite® Prism® 4211™ first high temperature cyanoacrylate to replace epoxy for use in high temperatures.

Loctite® Products Used to Securely Bond GEM Woodcrafts Collectibles

Loctite Durabond® E-00NS™ is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents, and acts as an excellent electrical insulator.

Black Max® Toughened Instant Adhesive Bonds Filter Paper For Office Seating

Black Max® instant adhesive reduces inventory and saves plant from having to build a costly  expansion.

Toughened Instant Adhesive Provides a Quick Solution on Soft Drink Bottling Line

Black Max® Instant Adhesive is strong enough to withstand the constant pressure and saved over $3,300 in materials and labor costs.

Optical Lens Manufacturer Finds a Partner in Loctite® and Reduces Scrap by 20%

Loctite® Impruv® 349™ provides strong clear bond on the flow cell assemblies, eliminating scrap due to bubbles. Loctite Prism® 410™ reduced the tamperproofing time by 1/10th.