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Adhesives Selector Guide

Henkel's line of general industrial adhesives allows manufacturers the ability to bond a variety of different substrates under a wide rande of process and environmental parameters. (LT-6265, 9/11)

Aerospace Product Selector Guide

(1.8 MB)

Henkel Aerospace develops structural adhesives, metal surface treatments and composites that serve the aircraft OEM and MRO industries and are listed in over 5,000 aerospace specifications. Henkel invests heavily in R&D and product support, and has been a world market leader in these industries for over 40 years.

(LT-6240, 5/11)

Assembly Magazine Featured Article

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Retaining compounds enable engineers to design robust, lightweight joints at less cost than traditional interference fits.

(LT-6795, 10/13)

Elastomeric Adhesives and Sealants

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Elastomeric adhesives and sealants are the newest Loctite® product line.

(LT-6556, 10/13)

Interactive Product Selector

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Limitless Bonding. For Limitless Design

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Powered by innovative hybrid technology, LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonders combine the speed of instant adhesives with the strength and durability of structural adhesives.
(LT-8282, 6/17)

Limitless Bonding. For Limitless Repair

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Powered by innovative hybrid technology, LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonders can help keep your plant running with repairs that are fast, easy and durable.
(LT-8281, 5/17) 

Loctite® Instant Adhesives

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Loctite® Instant Adhesives provided instant solutions to a myriad of assembly challenges, including those using plastics, elastomers and metals. This brochure describes the features and applications of the products in this line.

(LT-4435, 4/12)

LOCTITE® 4090™ Sell Sheet

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This innovative hybrid adhesive combines the bond strength and speed needed to solve your design and assembly challenges.
(LT-6961, 8/14)

Secure Fasteners & Strengthen Interference Fits

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Featured Article in Design World Magazine:  How to Secure Fasteners and Strengthen Interference Fits

(LT-6910, 2/14)

Packaging, Consumer Goods & Construction Adhesives

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For over 100 years, Henkel has been creating advantage for every customer’s needs through innovative solutions in product assembly, food and consumer packaging, woodworking, pressure sensitive materials, construction, disposable nonwovens and more.

(LT-5798, 4/13)

Structural Adhesives Chemistry Table

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The Adhesive Sourcebook 2017 Volume 20

(7,1 MB)
Your source for LOCTITE products for design, assembly, manufacturing and maintenance.
(LT-3355, 1/17)

Automotive Manufacturing

To find resources and more information on the automotive industry, go to Automotive Resources.

Bonding Design Guides

Structural Adhesives and NVH Selector Guide

(1.4 MB)

Structural adhesives designed to provide superior bond strength, long life and dependability on a variety of substrates and applications.

(LT - 4809, 9/13)

Food & Beverage

Loctite® 2046™ Threadlocker Sell Sheet

(0.47 MB)

Introducing the only threadlocker compliant with FDA Food Additive Regulations developed for the Food and Beverage Industries.

(LT-5181, 9/13)

Loctite® 2046™ Threadlocker Ad

(4.2 MB)

A foolproof recipe for food processing reliability.

(LT-5272, 10/08)

Loctite® Products at Work - Food & Beverage Plants

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Our cutting-edge products for the Food and Beverage Industry offer a comprehensive breadth of the most relevant agency approvals and certifications.

(LT-5086, 6/09)

Medical Device Adhesives

Loctite® 3979™ Light Curing Gel Sell Sheet

(421 KB)

Loctite 3979 fluoresces red for easy on-part detection either prior to or following cure.

(LT-6060, 9/10)


Solutions for the Photovoltaic Industry

(2.3 MB)

Henkel's high quality tailor-made adhesives, sealants and cleaners improve quality, enable highly automated production processes, increase production speed, and thus decrease your manufacturing cost.

(LT-6101, 2/12)

Photovoltaic Junction Box Solutions

(0.37 MB)

The new Loctite® Hybrid Solution combines instant fixing of the Junction Box with high performance sealing. It faciliates ultra-fast processes that don’t require any buffer systems or storage times.

(LT-6083, 9/10)

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